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Configuring logging

More information about Logging Configuration

Viewing logs

Clicking on LOGS from the navigation menu of the idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console will take you to a page that will automatically load all of the logs for you. Note that depending on the number of logs present, you may have to wait a moment for them to load.

Your initial view will show you all logs with a level of INFO and above.

Filtering logs


The message is an open text box. Anything you enter in here will attempt to be matched EXACTLY (this is also Case sensitive).

If you enter for example "Job Complete", it will search for all logs where the full phrase "Job Complete" is present. It will not look for the two words separately.

The search is not just limited to the log message. Entering a phrase here can search the entirety of each log for the matching phrase.

For example, you could enter a search phrase of "2018-01-01 12" and the resulting search will match and display all logs which were made on the 1st January 2018 between 12:00:00,000 and 12:59:59,999

Log Level

There are 7 options available to you which are as follows: -

  • ALL
  • INFO
  • WARN

In the order in which the options are presented above, the log level is a top-down filter. This means that selecting a particular log level will show you all logs at your selected level in addition to all logs which have been assigned a higher level.

For example, the default log level upon opening the page is INFO. This means that you will see all INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL logs.


By default, LOGS page shows Auth Server logs. This option provides an option to view idenprotect Authentication Portal server logs.

Results Per Page

By default, the LOGS page will show you the first 40 logs, you can view more by navigating the pages. You can change the Results Per Page option to see more logs on each page.