Verifying an RPM installation

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If you have not yet installed the idenprotect software, please see Installing with an RPM


During installation, idenprotect Core Platform, idenprotect Authentication Portal and idenprotect User Portal are set up to run as services which automatically launch after installation and every server reboot. If the service runs successfully, it means that the installation has been successful. You can verify that the services are running using the following methods.

Verifying the installations

Service Names

The following service names should be used when running the commands noted in the following sections: -

  • idenprotect Core Platform = idenprotect
  • idenprotect Authentication Portal = idp
  • idenprotect User Portal = userportal
  • idenprotect Active Directory Agent = adsync

Verifying the service is running

The systemctl command will work on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7. If you are using an older operating system, please use the service command

  1. Enter command service {serviceName} status.
  2. If the service is running successfully, you’ll see the green text Running followed by PID.
  3. If the service is not running, you’ll see the red text Not running instead.

Verifying the service is accessible

If the service is running, open a web browser and browse to one of the following pages (depending on the application you are looking to verify): -

  • idenprotect Core Platform = https://<idenprotect.server.url>
  • idenprotect Authentication Portal = https://<idenprotect.server.url>/idp
  • idenprotect User Portal = https://<idenprotect.server.url>/user
  • idenprotect Active Directory Agent = see Testing idenprotect Active Directory Agent

Before a valid SSL certificate is installed, your browser should show a security warning that you can ignore.

When the URL loads, you should see a login page, if you are accessing the idenprotect Core Platform you will see the login screen pictured below. The idenprotect Authentication Portal has its own login screen. idenprotect User Portal is treated as a Service Provider and uses the Authentication Portal to log in as using SAML. If you reach the idenprotect Authentication Portal login screen when attempting to access the idenprotect User Portal's URL - this is a successful installation as you have been redirected.

idenprotect Core Platform Login Page


The Service is running but I cannot see the login screen

Depending on the platform, the server may take a few minutes to fully startup. The idenprotect Core Platform, as an example, needs to create the database tables and do some basic configuration on it's first startup so although the service command indicates that it is running, background processes are still taking place. Please allow a few minutes just after the service has been started and try again

If after a few minutes you are still unable to access the login screen, this could be due to the server's firewall. A restart is normally all that is required and this can be done with the following command: -

service firewalld restart 

The Service is not running

For more information about what to do when the service is not running, see Idenprotect services not starting

Next Steps

Now that you have confirmed your services to be running, see First time login and navigation