Upload a user certificate to the Windows Certificate Store

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A user certificate managed by idenprotect will need to be uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store so it can be used by other Windows Applications for operations such as digitally signing emails, digitally protecting Office documents and certificate-based authentication to websites.

A certificate managed by idenprotect must be uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store via the idenprotect Windows application.


Before your mobile device's certificate can be uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store, the following must have been completed.

  1. idenprotect For Desktop must have been installed and a user must be enrolled on the idenprotect Core Platform. See Installing idenprotect For Desktop - Windows and Login to Windows using idenprotect For Mobile app.
  2. Your mobile device must be enrolled on the same idenprotect Core Platform as the server that your Windows PC has been enrolled. See Idenprotect Android and Idenprotect iOS.

Uploading a mobile device's certificate to the Windows Certificate Store

The idenprotect Toolkit application is used to upload the certificate to your personal Certificate Store.

  1. Open the idenprotect Toolkit Windows Application (from the Start Menu -> idenprotect -> idenprotect Toolkit)
  2. Make sure you have selected your mobile device and press the Upload to Certificate Store button.
    • Upload to Certificate Store Action.png

The certificate has now been uploaded to the Certificate Store. The certificate can now be used for operations such as signing emails with Outlook and digitally protecting documents using MS Office applications.

Testing the certificate has been uploaded

The uploaded certificate will now appear in the list of certificate in your personal "MY" Certificate Store. The details of the uploaded certificate can be verified via the certutils command-line tool, or it can be viewed in a Microsoft Office application such as Outlook or Word for digital signature protection.

  1. Open the command prompt on your Windows PC.
  2. Run the command "certutil -verifystore -user "MY". This shows the details of the certificate you have uploaded.
    • Verify uploaded certificate command line.png