Troubleshooting iOS

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You might face a few issues while using an idenprotect For Mobile application. These issues are usually explained to the user with an Error message / Error alerts.

XB country code

When you authenticate with an idenprotect For Mobile application you may notice an XB country code like below:

IOS XB code.png

If you see an XB code that means that idenprotect for Mobile is unable to determine your country code. In this case, you should check:

  • Location Services are enabled for idenprotect for Mobile (Navigate to your iOS device's Settings -> idenprotect for BlackBerry -> Location -> should be set to Always)
  • Check that you don't have airplane mode on
  • Check your network connection
  • Check your wifi connection
  • If you don't have a network connection or WiFi connection, please check that you have a clear sky to use just a GPS module to find the location.

If the issue still persists please contact your administrator.

Unable To Verify Your Identity

IOS cancelled face Id.png

This error may appear if you cancel your FaceID/TouchID authentication. Alternatively, this could mean that there is an issue with the idenprotect Framework which cannot be initialized if there was a data cleanup and temp folder of the application was removed. If this error happens any time after authentication please contact your administrator.

Online services are unavailable

IOS no internet.png

This type of error means that you have successfully authenticated with idenprotect for Mobile, but online services will be unavailable due to network issues.

  • Please check that your Network data is enabled (if roaming, check that roaming for data is on)
  • Please check that you are on the WiFi network if not using mobile data.
  • Please verify that you can open any website via your mobile browser. If the website opens, please restart the idenprotect for Mobile application.

If the issues still persist please contact your administrator.

Unable to update policies

IOS unable to update policies.png

If when you try to authenticate with an idenprotect For Mobile application and you see an error as above it means:

  • Unable to reach the idenprotect Core Platform
  • Device or the user might be removed from the idenprotect Core Platform

In both instances please contact your administrator.

Some SSO services are unavailable

IOS sso issue.png

If after authenticating with an idenprotect For Mobile application you see a screen similar to the one above that means that there were issues with the certificate creation. This could be due to the CA timing out, or due to the connection issue with the idenprotect Core Platform.

If this issue persists please contact your administrator. The administrator should be able to check on the server logs if ephemeral certificate requests were made from the device. If the error above is also shown with an error alert as below.

IOS uem cred issue.png

That means that an ephemeral certificate was successfully created but the idenprotect For Mobile application was unable to import the P12 into the BlackBerry runtime. If in the error message you can see that "a user profile with id: (null)" please let your administrator know, as there might be few configuration issues on the idenprotect Core Platform for the UEM User credential profile name.