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The site users which can manage the idenprotect Core Platform can be viewed and managed from the SITE tab on the navigation bar in the idenprotect Core Platform

If you are looking for information regarding the end-users, see Users view and management

Managing Site Users

Viewing Site Users

Users are listed with various information including a Source. The sources are as follows:

  • No source - If this is the first time you are seeing the Site Users, you will notice there are several already there with no source listed. These are the users who are automatically generated by the Database on the initial run of the idenprotect Core Platform.
  • Local LDAP - Users which have been synchronized from LDAP
  • Admin API - User which have been manually created using the Add user link at the top of the page
  • Any other value would indicate the Node Name of an AD Sync agent that had created the account

Users are always associated with a Role which determines the level of access that they have. Roles are as follows:

  • ADMIN - Can do everything except registering a device and authenticating
  • Help Desk - Can view/amend Devices, view Users, Logs and Reports
  • Read Only - Can only access certain views and can not make any amendments
  • Agent - Can register a device, add a user and authenticate
  • Domain Helpdesk - Can view/amend Devices, view Users and Logs. Can only do this for the user that belong to the same domain/source


Filtering Site Users

Site Users are listed on pages. You can specify which users are displayed and how many are displayed per page by accessing the Filter option.

As a general rule filtering terms will filter based on the value "containing" the search term. For example, searching for "er" in username would create a match for all usernames that contained the characters "er"

You can filter on any of the First Names, Last Name, Username, Role and Source

It is possible to set multiple filters at the same time, for example, to find all Users with a Help Desk Role that have been created by the LDAP sync job with "smith" in their names.


Site User Management

From this page you can manually create and edit users by selecting the Add user link on top of the page or Edit button.

Click the Reset Password button to set a new password for the user.

If the idenprotect Core Platform has been configured to use LDAP, you can map Site Users and their permissions with the LDAP directory using the Sync button. You can manage accounts that have been created by synchronizing with Active Directory or another user repository but be aware that with the next synchronization details of those users will be reset to original ones, this is allowed just for testing purposes. For more information on configuring the Sync options, see LDAP Connection Configuration and LDAP Admin Sync Configuration.

Bulk Operations allows you to delete multiple selected users.