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If you have not made any configuration changes yet, please see How to make configuration changes


The idenprotect Service Manager is designed to help manage the idenprotect applications that are installed on that server. Whenever the idenprotect Service Manager is performing any management actions, it can verify whether or not those actions are successful by reading the relevant application's log files. By default, this configuration should not need amending unless you have changed the logging location for those applications.

This article provides information on how you can make changes to this configuration as well as providing the defaults should you wish to revert back.

Service Manager Service Configuration

The Service Manager's configuration can be changed in the following location:

  • Server file system in /etc/idenprotect/servicehandler/
Service Configuration Parameters
Parameter in Properties File Default Value Description
idenprotect.server.logging.path /var/log/idenprotect/idenprotect.log The location of the idenprotect Core Platform log file
idenprotect.userportal.logging.path /var/log/userportal.log The location of the idenprotect User Portal log file
idenprotect.idp.logging.path /var/log/idp.log The location of the idenprotect Authentication Portal log file
restart.verification.timeout.seconds 60 The length of time the idenprotect Service Manager will continue monitoring logs for a success criteria before it considers a management action failed