Remote Desktop with iDENprotect

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Connect to another Windows machine via Remote Desktop using an idenprotect identity to authenticate the connection.


  • idenprotect for Desktop - Windows version 3.12+ must be used.


Before an idenprotect identity can be used to connection to a remote machine, the following must have been completed.

Connecting to a Remote Windows Machine

Once you have logged into Windows with idenprotect, you can connect to a remote Windows machine via Remote Desktop using your logged-in idenprotect identity.

  1. Run the Remote Desktop application. This can be access from the Start Menu by typing Remote Desktop.
    • Remote Desktop idenprotect selection.png
  2. Make sure your logged in email is selected and press the OK button.
    • This will internally use your logged-in credential to connect to the remote machine, so no further authentication is required to connect to the remote machine.
  3. You will see the login screen of the remote machine. Here you can log in using your idenprotect identity (if the remote machine is installed with idenprotect and your identity is enrolled).