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Pin policy is the policy that is set on the idenprotect Core Platform user enrollment configuration. If this policy is set to true, then it means that additionally to the FaceID/TouchID authentication a user will also have to provide a pin that he should create at the enrollment stage. When a user enrolls his device with the PIN policy, the last step of enrollment is to create a PIN.

IOS pin create.png

Users will be asked to create a new idenprotect PIN like on a screenshot above. The user has to enter a 4 digit PIN and click on a "Continue" button this will ask you to confirm the PIN that you have created. Enter your PIN again and your device should be fully enrolled.

IOS pin screen.png

Every time when you will be asked to authenticate with a FaceID/TouchID you will then followed the PIN screen as above, where you will also have to provide a PIN to proceed.