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If you have not made any configuration changes yet, please see How to make configuration changes


Throughout the normal operation of the idenprotect Core Platform and related applications, logs will be created in the file system. The majority of these logs are are to audit manual and automated processes but it can also act as a red flag if anything goes wrong.

To see more information on how to view and filter logs, see Viewing Logs

General Logging Configuration

The setting to configure where the logs are saved is in:

  • Server file system in /etc/idenprotect/logging.properties
Parameters for Logging
Parameter in Properties File Description
webapp.log Path to logging location.

Note that you will probably notice far more editable information in the logging.properties file but in a standard operation we do not recommend changing any of these. If the layout and pattern of the logs are changed, the logging pages on the idenprotect Core Platform may not work correctly. However, the option is there just in case you would prefer to use an external logging/monitoring system instead of the one provided.


The idenprotect Core Platform can also be configured to use a syslog. By default this is disabled, to enable it, go to the Config screen on the idenprotect Core Platform admin console, select the Logging tab, select the Syslog option and tick the button to enable Syslog.