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idenprotect Core Platform uses a technology called Liquibase to keep the database schema up to date.

At startup, the server runs through a list of changes, known as changelogs, and implements any changes detailed in that log that have not already been implemented.

Once it has made a change it stores the details of that change in the database itself so that the change is only implemented once.

You can view the databasechangelog table to see when the changes were implemented.

The changelog that the database will use is specified in the files and different versions of that changelog can be created to support different database technologies

For more information on how to change the changelog, see the Database Configuration

How to run idenprotect without Table Creation rights

If you wish to run idenprotect as a database user without table creation rights you need to.

  1. Manually create the database tables. For example, run idenprotect in a non-production environment then export the database schema from that install to build the production install
  2. Edit so that the changelog is set to a null changelog so that the application will not try and update the schema
db.change.log = classpath:null-changelog.xml