Licences and Entitlements

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If you have not yet uploaded a Licence, please see Upload a Licence and View Summary


The idenprotect Core Platform licence determines the amount of concurrent Users entitled to use the platform, the number of Devices they are permitted to use, and whether or not those users are entitled to use Single Sign-On or Windows Authentication. Without a valid licence, you are only entitled to have 1 User and 1 Device who is entitled to use SSO and Windows Authentication for testing purposes.

Licence Information and Entitlements

Each licence contains the following information: -

  1. Licence Owner
  2. Whether the licence is durational (contains a start/end date) or is a burst licence (valid for a set number of days from when the licence is uploaded)
  3. The start and end date or number of days the licence is valid for
  4. The number of Licensed Users
  5. The number of Licensed Devices
  6. The maximum number of Devices each User is permitted to have
  7. The number of Users entitled to use SSO
  8. The number of Users entitled to use Windows

Note In order to permit a User to use SSO or Windows, you can manually assign this entitlement to a User, or Users can be automatically assigned this entitlement if they are members of the "SSO Assigned User Group" or "Windows Assigned User Group". In order to configure these groups, please see LDAP User Sync Configuration

Licence Auditing

Whenever a new licence is uploaded or the application is started up, an audit check is performed against the licences. If the number of Users, Devices or Entitlements exceeds the total allowed over all valid licences, Users, Devices and Entitlements will be removed until the numbers fall in line with the licence.

The removals are performed in reverse order (ie. the most recent User to be added will be the first to be removed if the licence is exceeded).