Installing the Active Directory Agent on Windows

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The idenprotect Active Directory Agent has an alternate installation option to allow it to be run directly on a Windows machine. It can be downloaded from the Downloads and Links page.

If you wish to install the idenprotect Active Directory Agent on a Linux machine like the rest of our services, please Start Here - idenprotect Active Directory Agent

Installing on Windows

After you have downloaded the idenprotect Active Directory Agent for Windows file, you will firstly need to Unzip this in an appropriate location.

Contained within the extracted folder is a "var" and an "etc" folder. Please move these to the route of the directory where you have unzipped the downloaded package (for example - if you unzip in the Downloads folder located on the C drive. Move "var" and "etc" to the root of the C drive).

You can now install idenprotect service by

  1. Opening a command window as Administrator
  2. Navigating to the folder that contains the files you have created
  3. Running the command
idenprotect-sync-agent install
2018-03-26 11:34:08,798 INFO  - Installing the service with id 'idenprotect-sync-agent'

Once installed you should be able to use the Services application to control the idenprotect service.

Windows Service Manager


To continue with the configuration of the idenprotect Active Directory Agent please return to Start Here - idenprotect Active Directory Agent