Installing idenprotect For Desktop - Windows

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This guide describes how to install idenprotect For Desktop onto a Windows machine.

The products installed as part of idenprotect For Desktop include: -

  • idenprotect Credential Provider
  • idenprotect Key Storage Provider
  • idenprotect Windows application
  • idenprotect SDK


The following is our recommended minimum system requirements for installing idenprotect For Desktop: -

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 64-bit or 32-bit
  • 4GB RAM
  • 10MB storage

Pre Installation Tasks

Before proceeding with installing idenprotect For Desktop, ensure the following tasks have been performed : -

Installing idenprotect For Desktop - Windows

The latest version of idenprotect For Desktop can be downloaded here:

idenprotect For Desktop is installed locally from a Windows Installer (MSI) file.

To install idenprotect For Desktop, run the MSI file and progress through the following screens.

1. Welcome Setup Wizard - Select next to continue.

Install - 1.png

2. License Agreement - Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and if you agree, check the Agree button and select next to continue.

Install - 2.png

3. Installation Folder - Select the folder where documentation and Windows applications are to be installed. Then select next to continue.

Note: Installing for Everyone is recommended as this will allow the idenprotect Toolkit application to be visible to other users.

Install - 3.png

4. Confirm Installation - The selection has now been made, the installation can be performed after selecting next.

Install - 4.png

6. Installation Complete - The installation has now completed. The Verification steps can be performed after pressing Close.

Install - 6.png

Deployment options for idenprotect For Desktop - Windows

It is possible to install idenprotect for Desktop - Windows via a command line for silent and/or mass deployment.

After an installation of idenprotect for Desktop - Windows it's necessary to restart the Windows machine to ensure the new Credential Provider and KSP DLLs are activated.

For mass deployment options it might not be desired to restart straight after an installation and it may be preferred to hide the user interface.

To install idenprotect for Desktop - Windows without the user interface without restarting the machine after the installation, run the following command:

msiexec /i <msi filename> /quiet REBOOT="ReallySuppress"

Verifying Installation

The installation will install the following files onto the Windows machine.

[Windows System folder]

  • idenprotectCP.DLL
  • idenprotectKSP.DLL

[Installation folder selected in installation step 3.]

  • idemprotect Toolkit.exe

[Installation folder selected in installation step 3. \ SDK]

  • idenprotect SDK.DLL

[Windows Start Menu \ idenprotect]

  • Shortcut to idenprotect Toolkit.exe

- The idenprotect For Desktop Windows application can be accessed from the Start Menu.

IDENprotect Windows in Start Menu after installation.png

- The idenprotect Login tile should be available when logged out of the Windows machine.

IDENprotect Windows Logon - showing idenprotect tile.png

Over-installing idenprotect For Desktop - Windows

If a previous version of idenprotect for Desktop is already installed on your Windows machine, you can over-install a later version by running the msi. The old version will be removed and the new version will be installed.

Any existing enrollments on your Windows machine will remain enrolled. you should use the idenprotect Toolkit Windows application to unenroll (delete) the Windows PC enrollment.