Idenprotect User Portal Quick Start Guide

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This quick start guide is a high-level guide to help you get the idenprotect User Portal application up and running quickly. Links will be provided throughout this article to more in-depth documentation if you require it for any particular steps.

Alternatively, for a full in-depth guide, please Start Here - idenprotect User Portal

Steps to install the idenprotect User Portal

Quick Start Wizard

The Quick Start Wizard is designed to help you do the basic configuration for a standard set up where all idenprotect applications are installed on to the same server. By default, when all applications are on the same server, the idenprotect User Portal is automatically set up as the first Service Provider and the Quick Start Wizard will help you to configure the server, enroll your first device and authenticate using the idenprotect Authentication Portal to the idenprotect User Portal. This article assumes that this is all set up on the same server, if you wish to install on a different server, please refer to the main guide which will give you the detailed configuration information.

Note that in order to complete every step of the Quick Start Wizard, you will need to have installed the idenprotect Core Platform, the idenprotect Authentication Portal and the idenprotect User Portal. If you need help with those installations, please Start Here - idenprotect Core Platform or Start Here - idenprotect Authentication Portal

The Quick Start Wizard is available when arriving on the idenprotect Core Platform dashboard after logging in. If you have closed it and wish to access it again, please go to the Config tab, go to Config Configuration and set Server URL / IP Address to "localhost". When you return to the dashboard it will show again. The Quick Start Wizard is covered in detail in the Idenprotect Core Platform Quick Start Guide

Post-installation actions

Making configuration changes

To give you flexibility in how you use the idenprotect solution, there are many more configurable settings, these ones just help you get up and running. We advise taking a look through How to make configuration changes.

The Idenprotect User Portal Configuration article gives an overview of each of the types of configuration available for the idenprotect User Portal and has links to the relevant articles.

Alternatively, you can view all of our Configuration articles under the Configuration Category. Note that this also includes configuration articles for our other applications.

Post-installation Hardening

Once the idenprotect User Portal has been installed and configured and it is ready for testing/deployment. There are a number of steps we recommend taking to harden and secure your installation. Please see our Post Installation Hardening guide.