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If you have not yet installed your application, please Start Here - idenprotect Service Manager. Please note that the idenprotect Service Manager is designed to help with the management of our other applications and should be installed on the same server as they are. If they are not yet installed, please Start Here - idenprotect Core Platform, Start Here - idenprotect Authentication Portal or Start Here - idenprotect User Portal


The idenprotect Service Manager is a background application which automates some of the management of the idenprotect applications. This guide will give tell you which idenprotect applications are compatible with the idenprotect Service Manager and what functionality is available.

idenprotect Application Compatibility

The following idenprotect applications are currently supported: -

  • idenprotect Core Platform
  • idenprotect Authentication Portal
  • idenprotect User Portal

idenprotect Service Manager Functionality

The following functionality is currently available with the idenprotect Service Manager: -

  • Service restarts without the need for Command Line

Restarting Services

Certain configuration changes on some idenprotect applications require that application to be restarted in order for the new configuration to be used. The idenprotect applications can be restarted by accessing the command line on the server but to make this process easier and also to give you an indication of when the restart process has been completed you can request the idenprotect Service Manager to perform the restart.

If you have enabled the idenprotect Service Manager (see Config Configuration), you will see a Restart Services button when you arrive on the Configuration screen of the idenprotect Core Platform.

  • Clicking on the Restart Services button will show the following pop-up. You can select as many services as you wish to restart


  • Once submitted, the pop-up will change to show the start and end time of the request and will also provide feedback to advise if the service has restarted successfully or not


Further Development

Additional functionality is currently in development and this page will be updated as new functionality is added