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If you have not yet installed your application, please Start Here for iDENprotect Server


idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console is the web interface for managing idenprotect devices and allocating them to users. The Admin Console runs on an embedded Tomcat application server and it is launched along with idenprotect Core Platform.

Supported web browsers

The following web browsers are supported: -

  • Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge (version 10 onwards)
  • Google Chrome (version 61 onwards)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 55 onwards)

Accessing the login screen

The Admin Console only accepts HTTPS connections secured by SSL/TLS as specified in the server.xml Tomcat configuration file. You can Edit the configuration file to align with your organisation’s security policy. We recommend restricting connections to TLS 1.2 for security reasons.

In normal idenprotect Core Platform installations, the Management Console URL is set as the domain name of the idenprotect Core Platform, which is usually in the format https://iden.<mydomain>.com.

Default Credentials

For versions 2.5.4 and later, the default administrator user account is:

  • User name: ADMIN
  • Password: 1DENpr0t3ct!

If you have an older installation, the default administrator user account is:

  • User name: ADMIN
  • Password: 1detearAdm1n

IMPORTANT: You should always change the administrator login credentials after the initial idenprotect Core Platform installation. See Changing Admin Passwords

Uses of the Admin Console

Using the Admin Console, it is possible to:

  • View the status of your applications and connections
  • View and manage Devices
  • View and manage Users
  • View idenprotect Core Platform logs
  • Run idenprotect Core Platform reports
  • View and manage Site Users
  • View API documentation
  • View and manage configuration


idenprotect Core Platform uses a Licence to determine the number of Users and Devices permitted. The initial installation will come with a test user you can use to ensure that everything is working. But prior to doing any additional configuration, you should Upload a Licence and View Summary. If you do not have one yet, please contact your idenprotect partner or email us at



The Dashboard provides an overview of the server status.

There are a series of togglable donut charts which include showing the Devices by status and operating system, total successful and failed logins, the methods used to login and the Service Providers users have logged into and information pertaining to the license in use.

In addition to this, there is a section to show the Server Health which confirms which idenprotect applications are installed and contactable.


Devices lists all idenprotect Devices on the idenprotect Core Platform. Each Device is an idenprotect authentication entity (a mobile device with the idenprotect For Mobile app or physical idenprotectplus Token) that is registered on the server.

The Devices can be sorted and filtered based on their Users' email addresses, device states or other attributes. More information about Devices view and management


Users lists all Users who have been added to idenprotect Core Platform.

As with Devices, Users can also be sorted and filtered based on different attributes. More information about Users view and management


Logs lists the most recent activity on the server, read from the main idenprotect Core Platform log file. More information about Viewing Logs


The Reports tab contains a list of common printable report types for idenprotect Core Platform. By default, reports are printed from the last 30 days, but start and end dates for the reports can be changed in the From Date and To Date fields.

The following reports are available:

  • Certificate signings - All signed idenprotect certificates. Certificates are signed during enrollment and during authentication.
  • Web user management - All events (create, edit, delete, password reset) performed for


Site contains management tools for the idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console itself:

  • Manage users - Displays and edits existing Management Console users
  • Add users - Adds a new user
  • View certificate - Displays the nginx web server certificate
  • About - Displays information about idenprotect Core Platform installation

More information about Site Users


Config contains configurable idenprotect Core Platform parameters some of which may require the server to be restarted.

You can see how to make configuration changes and also the specific articles for each type of configuration in our Configuration Category