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If you have not made any configuration changes yet, please see How to make configuration changes


When in use, idenprotect Core Platform sends automated idenprotect emails to users during events such as idenprotect registration or PIN reset. This article shows you how to modify the templates that the idenprotect Core Platform uses to generate these automated emails.

If you are looking to change the Email SMTP Configuration, please see Email SMTP Configuration If you are looking to change the Email Content Configuration, please see Email Content Configuration

Configuring Email templates

The emails idenprotect Core Platform sends are based on editable template files. Each email has a subject and a message body, which is read from a .vm template file located in /etc/idenprotect/email-templates/. The template files contain some organisation-specific information such as unfilled contact details.

You can edit these template files directly by going to your base directory (as configured above) or there is also the facility to edit them in:

  • Email section in the idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console Config Tab

These emails can contain any text or HTML styling. In addition, the email templates use the following variables:

  • $user.firstName - First name of the email recipient
  • $user.lastName - Last name of the email recipient
  • $activationCode - Generated one-time Activation Code used during enrollment
  • $qrImageUrl - Generated enrollment QR Code image embedded within the message. Only works with HTML messages
  • $qrUrl - Generated enrollment QR Code URL
  • $portalQrUrl - URL link to the QR Code

The template files are not backed up anywhere. Make sure to store the original files before editing them.