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If you have not made any configuration changes yet, please see How to make configuration changes


When in use, idenprotect Core Platform sends automated idenprotect emails to users during events such as idenprotect registration or PIN reset. This article shows you how to modify the SMTP Connection

If you are looking to change the Email Content Configuration, please see Email Content Configuration If you are looking to update your Email Templates, please see Email Template Editing

We also have a guide to assist in configuring Microsoft Exchange for use with idenprotect Core Platform

Configuring the SMTP Connection

This configuration can be found in: -

  • Email SMTP Configuration under the Email section in the idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console Config Tab
  • Server file system in /etc/idenprotect/

To configure the mail server, change the following parameters:

Parameters for SMTP Server
Parameter in Config Tab Parameter in Properties File Configuration Change
Sender Type email.gateway.sender.type Sets whether to send emails immediately, store them for bulk sending or not send and log (values are scheduled, immediate or log)
Sender Limit email.gateway.limit If sending emails on a scheduler, sets the limit for how many to do on each job
Node ID If multiple idenprotect Core Platforms are sharing the same database, then each server needs its own unique ID
Host URL or hostname of the SMTP server
Port email.gateway.port Used SMTP port. Default is 25
Require Authentication email.gateway.auth Set to true if idenprotect Core Platform has to authenticate with username and password to the SMTP server
Username email.gateway.username Account name for connecting to the SMTP server
Password email.gateway.password The account’s password
TLS Enabled email.gateway.tls.enabled Set to true to enable emails to be sent using TLS
From Address email.gateway.from "From:" email address for all sent mails. Any replies from the users will arrive in this mailbox, so either use a known support account or an explicit "do not reply" email address
Maximum Number of Tries email.maximum.tries Maximum number of attempts before email is discarded

Testing the SMTP Connection

At the bottom of the Email SMTP Configuration page (that can be found by navigating to CONFIG -> Email tab -> Email SMTP Configuration) there is SMTP Connection Test button. It allows testing the configuration before committing the changes and re-testing after they are already saved. The SMTP Connection test does not include checking the "From Address" parameter validity.