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Here you can find the latest RPM downloads for our products. Note that these are ordered by date (most recent first) and each row represents a known working set of RPMs. To ensure maximum compatibility, we always recommend using a complete working set rather than mis-matched versions.

Once the RPMs are downloaded, if you need help with the installation or upgrade, please Start Here for idenprotect Core Platform, here for idenprotect Authentication Portal, here for idenprotect User Portal or here for idenprotect Active Directory Agent

How to download and notes about using Wget

We have created short links using and these are used in the table below. You can click on the link to start an immediate download of the RPM file, these will then need to be transferred over to your server. This can be done on command line with the scp command or using an application like WinSCP

If you would prefer to use something like wget with the urls below to download the files directly to your server, please note that the default behavior downloads the files with the filename the same as the link. (For example, if you used the command wget, you would end up with a file called idenprotect-server-3_9). The Yum installation will not automatically work with this file name so we recommend one of the following options: -

  • Recommended option - Use Wget's content disposition option which will download the file with it's original name. (For example wget --content-disposition will download a file called Idenprotect-server-3.9.0-15b.el7.noarch.rpm)
  • Secondary option - Change the file name to include .rpm at the end. This can be done using the mv command (For example mv idenprotect-server-3_9 idenprotect-server-3_9.rpm). Note - on occasion we have witnessed Yum still not being able to complete the installation with the renamed file which is why this is not our most recommended option.

Platform Downloads

Date Version idenprotect Core Platform idenprotect Authentication Portal idenprotect User Portal Notes
2nd Jun 2021 3.15 3.15 Release Notes
9th Feb 2021 3.14 3.14 Release Notes

Other Downloads

AD Sync agent for sync users from AD

Adsync Agent v3.15 || Adsync Agent v3.15 Windows Installer

Service Manager

Service Manager 3.15 RPM

RADIUS Server Package


PKI Connector

PKI Connector RPM

PKI Connector Web Archive