Digitally Protect a Microsoft Office Document

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A user certificate managed by idenprotect (uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store) can be used to digitally protect a Microsoft Office document such as Word or Excel. This is achieved by attaching a digital signature (generated by idenprotect) to the document.


Before a Microsoft Office document can be digitally protected, the following must have been completed.

  1. idenprotect For Desktop must have been installed on the local machine. See Installing idenprotect For Desktop
  2. A user certificate must have been enrolled on a device that is managed by the registered idenprotect Core Platform.
  3. A user certificate must have been uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store. See Uploading to the Certificate Store

Protecting a Microsoft Office Document with idenprotect

Microsoft Office provides the functionality to attach a digital signature to a document so the integrity of the document can be ensured. Combining this feature with idenprotect ensures the person generating the signature can only be that person by harnessing idenprotect's platform security advantages.

This example shows how to digitally protect a Microsoft Word document. The same process can be used to protect other Office documents such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. A digital signature can be added to a document via the File menu. Select the Info area on the left and click on the Protect Document drop-down list to select the Add a Digital Signature option.
    1- Word File Menu - Add a digital signature.png
  2. A dialog will be displayed to fill in details about the digital signature to be created. This is where the certificate can be selected. The idenprotect certificate, that was uploaded to the Windows Certificate Store, should be selected.
    2- Sign word document.png
  3. Once the Sign button has been pressed, the digital signature will be generated by idenprotect. The associated idenprotect mobile app must be used to scan the QR Code and return the digital signature back to Windows.
    3- Sign word document qr code.png
    Windows login smartphone display.png
  4. A dialog will then be displayed to indicate a digital signature has been generated. The File->Info screen will highlight the digital signature that has been generated.
    4- Sign word document - success.png
    5- Word File Menu - signed document in yellow.png
  5. The details of the signature can be viewed from the Home screen in Microsoft Word.
    6- Word File Menu - view signatures.png