Certificate Authority Profile Name Configuration

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If you have not made any configuration changes yet, please see How to make configuration changes


The idenprotect Core Platform can integrate with an external CA or it can use its own internal CA. Not all parameters are required for all CA Types.

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For more information on specific Certificate Authorities, see one of the following articles:

The idenprotect Core Platform submits Certificate Signing Requests to external CA and for each signing request, a template to be used will be specified.

The requests will be for up to 3 different types of certificate

1. Device/Default: Used to secure communications between the client and server 2. Secure Enclave: The key stored in the device's secure hardware 3. Ephemeral (ERSA): Key with a short lifetime used for mutual TLS

It is possible to specify which Certificate Template will be used by idenprotect for each certificate type when submitting signing requests to an external CA. (These settings have no effect when using the internal CA)

Configurable Settings

  • CA Profile Name Configuration in the idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console Config Tab
  • Server file system in /etc/idenprotect/ca.properties
Parameters for Profile Names
Parameter in Config Tab Parameter in Properties File Description
Default Certificate Profile ca.certprofile.default The certificate profile/template to be used when signing the Device Certificate or when not type is supplied by the client
Secure Enclave (SECENC) Certificate Profile ca.certprofile.signing The certificate profile/template to be used when signing the Secure User Certificate stored in the device hardware
ERSA Certificate Profile ca.certprofile.enduser The certificate profile/template to be used when signing the Ephemeral Certficate