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This guide is intended as for people to help them get the most out of the wiki but also a guide for how to contribute articles to the wiki.


Place your article in the correct categories. To see what categories already exist go to the categories page Special:Categories


Articles should be kept short so that they can be reached via a number of different routes and the same information need only be documented once. For example the need to create key pairs may be relevant to a number of different processes and integrations but should only be documented once and be referenced to by other articles.

Articles should be categorised based on the type of article they are (eg Integration Guide) and the subject matter (eg Remote Access) and product and even version numbers. Check on what categories are available before you start creating your article.

Keep formatting simple

Hint Starting the line with a space is useful for showing command line

like this
or this

The code tag is also useful

To include tags used
The code tag is also useful

Or use nowiki


The preferred format for images is .png


There are also a range of tools for importing from html and word.