Assigning idenprotect to UEM Users

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When users get enrolled with the idenprotect Core Platform, there are a number of possible use cases. One of those use cases is to use the idenprotect For Mobile applications as an authentication delegate for BlackBerry Dynamics. If this is the use case you are planning to use, you will also need to ensure that you have configured one (or more) UEM servers.

Before users can use the idenprotect for BlackBerry Application with BlackBerry Dynamics, it has to be assigned to them with the UEM. This article discusses how to complete that assignment. For other information about the UEM configuration, please see our UEM Guide

Assigning idenprotect to UEM users

Allocating By Group

On the UEM server you can go to Users->Group

Select the Group whose members require idenprotect. Then on the list of assigned apps, you can select the Add (+) button, select the idenprotect of Blackberry Application.

You can then specify if you wish the installation to be Optional or Required.

Users will then be able to install idenprotect for Blackberry.