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Activating a licence requires the idenprotect Core Platform to be installed. If you have not yet installed the idenprotect Core Platform, see Installing with an RPM


The idenprotect Core Platform licence determines the amount of concurrent idenprotect devices that idenprotect Core Platform supports. Without a valid licence, idenprotect Core Platform will not accept any idenprotect enrollments or authentication attempts.

The licence file is supplied from your vendor, or from idenprotect and will usually be called licence.xml. If you do not have one yet or you have issues with the file, please contact your idenprotect partner or email us at

Activating a licence

The licence is activated with the following steps:

  1. Log in to idenprotect Core Platform Admin Console (see First time login and navigation for the default credentials
  2. In the Dashboard Tab, click on the Licences text (see image below)
  3. Upload your licence file

The licence file is validated and you should immediately see the licensed device pool under Device Licensing chart reflect the amount of available licences.

Next Steps

If you have arrived here whilst going through the First time login and navigation you can return and continue.

If you have completed that and want to move onto configuring the idenprotect Core Platform installation. Please see How to make configuration changes