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The idenprotect Core Platform has a number of APIs that can be used to integrate with third-party systems. These APIs are secured, see Securing Access to APIs for more information

The server uses a technology called Swagger to provide some basic documentation for theses APIs. Note that this is just basic information and if you want to use these APIs then you should contact idenprotect for more details.

Accessing API Documentation

You need to have the idenprotect Core Platform and you will need to be authenticated before you can access the Swagger pages, if you need more information on installing the idenprotect Core Platform, see Start Here - idenprotect Core Platform, if you haven't logged in to the idenprotect Core Platform before, see First time login and navigation

Once you have authenticated you can go to the URL


To see all the APIs available select the default option from the drop-down filter

Swagger API Fitler

Once you have the list of APIs you can drill down into specific operations for example