3.9 Release Notes

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3.9 Release Notes

Easy Enrollment

The Enrollment process has been improved so that users get more instructions and more feedback when they enroll their device.

Rather than receiving an email that contains a QR code, the user can receive an email with a hyperlink that takes them to the user portal user-enrollment page

Onboarding enrolling.png

This provides the user with more information and the enrollment page will feedback to the user when enrollment has been completed.

Onboarding complete.png

For more details refer to Start Here - idenprotect User Portal.

Branding on User-Facing Pages

It is now possible to customise the look and feel of the pages that the end-users see, the Authentication Portal Home Page and the User Portal Page.

It is possible to set the colors of the buttons, headers etc and the logos to be used.

For more details refer to Authentication Portal UI Configuration and User Portal UI Configuration

Faster User Authentication

It is now possible to remove a step from the user authentication process. Previously the user would have to open the idenprotect client, select Scan QR Code, scan the QR code, authenticate to the device.

In 3.9 you can set a policy not to use a QR code.

To authenticate the user just chooses the authenticate option, then authenticates to their device. The mobile client polls the server to read the details the pending authentication request.

Database Replication

Version 3.9 RPMs come with support for Database Replication.

This means that two idenprotect servers can be deployed that share a common replication database.

This can be used to provide Hardware and Geographic resilience

For more details refer to Database Replication Configuration