3.11 Release Notes

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These are the release notes for Version 3.11 of the idenprotect platform. These notes provide a high-level view of the new features offered in this version

Start Up Wizard

The first time an admin user logs into the idenprotect Management Console they can use a wizard to quickly take them through the initial set up of the platform.

This will include installing a licence key and configuring the required basic settings to facilitate the first simple use case of a user authenticating with idenprotect

Wizard Step 1.png

Wizard Step 4.png

Wizard Step 5b.png

This will enable users and partners to be able to very quickly and easily get to the stage where they can see idenprotect in action.

More details are available in the Idenprotect Core Platform Quick Start Guide.

User Portal

The User Portal is now a fully-fledged SAML service that requires the user to authenticate via idenprotect before they can access its features.

As the access to the User Portal is now secured by idenprotect more features have been added to it.

For example, a user can manage their own devices, remove devices from their account they no longer use or request a new enrollment email if they have a new device.

User Portal.png

Windows Off-Line Use Case

Version 3.11 adds an off-line use case to the idenprotect for Desktop product meaning that even if a Windows PC is offline the user can still use idenprotect to authenticate to the laptop in a secure and password-free way. This approach uses a one-time-passcode based on the OATH algorithms.

Log Viewer Performance

Version 3.11 comes with a much more responsive log viewer making it much quicker to navigate through idenprotect logs making it quicker and easier to analyse issues.

Detailed List Of Features & Bug Fixes

List of bug fixes and features (detailed)

- Added logging for failure to send scheduled emails.
- Fixed issues with saving and editing LDAP groups.
- Hardening of APIs.
- Improvements to health checks & caching health check results to improve performance.
- Synced website users are now shown on reports correctly.
- Dashboard loads correctly even if the wiki is not contactable.
- Support for message-based authentication.
- Able to handle OTP for users with no registered device.
- Fixed issue with enrolment emails not sending correctly if .idn file and user portal is not running.
- Branding compatibility with the older user portal.
- Push notification configuration changed to support service providers.
- Changed default QR callback link to original.
- Redundant secure enclave auto-renewal setting removed as secure enclave auto-renewal is always automatic.
- New Wizard for post-installation of the server.
- Fixed DB option does not have the option to select Postgres Driver.
- Ability to show/hide advanced configuration improving UX.
- Site users now have bulk user operations.
- LDAP health check.
- OTP shared information in authentication session data.
- Ability to issue OAUTH token.
- Store access codes with description of what they were used for.

Bug fixes relating to SMA tickets:

- Improved logging and faster experience (SMA-360).
- Add username for specific log messages (SMA-363).
- Fixed time slip error log (SMA – 368).
- When user deletes device, it is now logged correctly (SMA – 353).
- SMA-351 is fixed – LDAP health check not using load balancing.
- SMA-345 is fixed.